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To deliver a message in a short span is a task to everyone, but we loved to do it. Initially, started with commercial short film ideas and then turned to art and explored professionalism through these experiments.

Mysore Pak is a love – jihad-themed short film. A story of two patriots who fall in love and try to defend their so-called divided – rival countries – India and Pakistan. The movie also themed the real based situation of demonetization that happened in November 2016.

In the year 2019, the famous social media campaign #Metoo became popular. But, this had a limitation. The campaign or the protest was loud for senior or famous artists. In this short film, we tried to showcase the difficulties of junior artists.


A couple grapples with the problems that arise when their school-going son decides to concentrate more on devotion than examinations. As they reach their wit’s end, in comes a mysterious multifaceted man to address the situation. Sit through 15-odd minutes, and get up with a whole new perspective of life with The Bhakta Loading.

We do provide a short film-making service and the first one of them was ONE MORNING.

This is a story about a couple in a long-distance relationship. The day is Sunday and it is an important day so, let’s see how the morning unfolds.


More than entertainment, society lacks education, information, and reachable documentaries. We started to convey message with authentic research in a docufilm style.

People Pada is about the one who picks up garbage, and the other one who is known as a cobbler. It’s about the few who go around screaming Kadlekai! (groundnut) and Southekai (cucumber).

Maybe it’s about the one who claps and gives blessings to you. And also, it’s about the one who asks “will you come?” in the Bus station or railway station and sometimes they find near footpaths. It’s all about the one who salutes and smiles.

It was the year 2018. Nature was violent in the flood-ravaged areas of Kerala and Karnataka states in the same period. But, human decisions have definitely led to abuse of the environment and quite possibly made a bad situation worse.

Kodavas or the local community in Kodagu are concerned that the lack of environmental awareness is a dangerous trend. Kodagu is the birthplace of the river Cauvery, a small, pretty district that receives plenty of rain even in a normal year. But, the year 2018 wasn’t normal and the excess rainfall had led to devastation.

Namma Dakshina Kashmira is a Kannada-language documentary that sheds the light on the Kodagu flood which happened on August 13th, 2018. The documentary started as the student project of St. Joseph’s College and turned to be a full-fledged 14 minutes documentary film. 

Life is not merely a game. It is the search that we embark on within ourselves. He is the one who has discerned this. He is the one who disregarded the instability of life to accept its pace and its relentlessness. 

Who is he? He is an explorer, the one who has surveyed the swiftness of time to become an achiever. This is the story of a ‘Jignaasu’. 

Jignaasu is a proud production of Sripada Studios. Jignaasu is a Kannada word that means explorer in the English language.

This is a Docu Film series on Legendary Kannada film actor and director – Shankar Nagarakatte and it’s an experimental effort of the team delves into this question with many hypothetical questions and situations of Shankar Nag.


One of our main services is Website design and management. Here are few works from our den.

Wow Makeup Studio & Salon is one of the trendiest providers of salon services for ladies’ grooming and styling services. 

We conducted the interview and shot it as a video. Then a salon and academy space photoshoot. Content creation and then design of the website. 



Pivot Call is a tutorial website for the succesful stock market trader and social media influencer.

VIKRAM PRABHU is a professional full-time trader and a tutor. He started his career as a salesman & now pursuing his passion for Stock Market Trading and online Entrepreneurship. Numerous hazards were lying down in the number market and he confidently became a successful Entrepreneur.

Check our work – PIVOTCALL.COM

Vikram Prabhu Films is an new production house based on Bengaluru bagged by the stock market trader & social media influencer Vikram Prabhu.

In the process of the website, we shot his office space and currently handling the social media account too.


Kaamaye being one of the prominent feed suppliers and our products are balanced, multi-component, Probiotic feed supplements. It is being used by dairy farmers all over India, especially in the major milk production area, for more than a decade.

Check our debut website work – KAAMAYE


Social media presence to our clients with content creation, photoshoot, videos and monthly reports and organic strategies.

To create awareness, integrate, normalize reproductive & sexual health of menstruators
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Apart from our services,

To enhance our skills, we travel twice a month to refresh perspectives. Here are few pictures with a story behind them.

This is the center of the Bengaluru city and mid-point to the run, catch, meet, love, sex, try, shop and life. And, we tried to get a few snaps on this.

When a place can get us tools to survive and also the same place be a hell, heaven to the people who live there. The market is such. With a historical charisma, Krishna Rajendra Market still poses with its enormous area and curious people.

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