At Sripada Studios, we are driven by the idea of breaking the monotony and adding a bunch of uniqueness into all the projects that we do. Our team is a band of young creative writers and editors who understand the need to provide creative business solutions to our clients.

We also aim to disrupt various aspects of the way content in regional languages are consumed.

The young initiators also aim at producing and commercializing noble and non - plagiarized contents, erasing the cliched phrases of native media and language. Showcasing an intricate aspect of Kannada mass media thereby breaking the stereotypical image and consumption of content by the audience.


One should surrender to oneself and a belief.

We bow to the lady of knowledge and arts.
Kala Saraswathi, the women who hold our passion.

Saraswathi Namasthubhyam Varadhe Kama Roopini
Kalarambham Karishyami Yasho Bavathu Me Sada ||


In the world of screens, we are the face of it.
We are in a world filled with colors to create unorthodox designs, and make the frame look right!

We are a Bengaluru-based production house that specializes in Films, Branding, and Social Media. If there’s a plot, we will make a story and we know the best way to say it.

We are ardent to connect the audience with your
story, brand, and thoughts.

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From making our favorite soups & maggies, to discuss why music is still a nerve-pulling element and
finishing the limit of wifi data is what we do when we are bored.
But, we haven’t made our space boring. Scroll down to see the excitement.

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