Sripada Studios get you the brief on how one can take a risk by updating your location on social media


Recently, a police station witnessed a robbery that happened in one of the residential areas in Bengaluru. The case was interesting. The family left for a vacation to clear their minds. Meanwhile, a thief cleared their house. In fact, the family helped the thief. Yes, they had updated their vacation location on social media.

This became a joke on WhatsApp & Facebook forwards. But, is updating location on social media risky?

Sharing information with your online friends is very easy and trendy. Sometimes, your friends include strangers depending on your privacy settings. 

Facebook, Instagram allows anyone to tag the photos with the place and people. Snapchat takes a step forward to share the current location as one stream live. These broadcasting apps send a notification to your followers, while unquestionably your trip is public now.

There are huge risks of sharing the location on social media. Introduction to geolocation tags lists, not just the city or area, but even the street and sometimes door number [ if it’s available ] Just think if you have old parents or kids at home if you update everything it may lead to providing unnecessary information to strangers.

So here are a few things to keep in mind to hide your location.

  • Turn off location settings on your phone
  • Turn off the location settings on the apps which include your camera. 

Don’t share the location manually.

  • Privacy settings and preferences on social media should be checked.

Be a vigilant social media user by not oversharing the information.


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