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Did you hear me wrong? No, you heard me Right!

When we can manage the family grocery budget, can’t we manage the budget of a company as well? When we can gauge the estimated Kgs of sugar if a far old 3rd circle relative surprisingly visits and wants to enjoy his or her week in our home. We can surely gauge the Economic Order Quantity of a Business. It’s just that men and business have been generic like Dolo 650! Headache, slight fever, high fever, any fever here is a savior Dolo 650! And so for Business – Men.


Dating back to history women had played a significant role in building communities both socially and economically. Ancient texts have very few traces of women’s entrepreneurial quality and employability. Arthashastra talks about her rights to gold property briefly. There wasn’t a need for her to hold a flag in the fight for her choice up till the Vedic period. The status of women started to decline slowly after invasions by Mughals, Britishers, and other foreign clutches curtailing freedom and the right to grow economically. On the major reformatory steps were taken on women’s economic upliftment social taboos of Sati, Purdah system, Jauhar, Devadasi system, child marriage villains for her to unveil and step forward.

More History Uff!

The Present

After uncounted episodes of patriarchal drama in families, if women talk about their choice to work, 21st-century women are probably giving dimensions of being an entrepreneur. She is mustering all courage to work and become an entrepreneur. The government of India technically defines women entrepreneurs as 51% of financial interest etc etc. women are exceeding these definitions and are growing phenomenally in multi-disciplines. While we still confine her to saree selling business (of course she can sell them better any gender) women and business significantly play a greater role in the economic growth and development of this country.

We have been quite debating about the top positions held by women and women in commercial activities. Contemporary women have stopped juggling, benchmarks and earn all positions by their caliber.

Taking Instagram Lead

Women take the lead of being a more efficient and convenient user of Instagram. Statistics sorted by gender depict that 50.8% of Instagram audiences are female (as of January 2021). Though gender disparity in the online business world prevails in the normal fashion. Women have tried their best to create a huge audience and cost-effective platforms to venture their business.

From Saree to Sustainability women and her Instagram business has grown phenomenally. When their participation is gross and lucrative here are a few honorable mentions that you as a woman can choose to become an Instapreneur.


  1. Freelance writer

Content writing has been a popular and hassle-free job if you know about full of English to speak and grammatical sound.

Tip: write consistently to hold the market.


  1. Corporate jewelry

Though we all love gold we do love for funks and junks to match with jeans.

Tip: Collaborate with a clothing business that can add gross to your sales chart.


  1. Saree selling

And you know why women have to choose this business? Because who can know best about a saree than us. We can adore its beauty beyond date and time. So here you go choose some classic drapes to sell.

Tip: Source them from local weavers. They are sold like hot cakes these days on Instagram.


  1. Sustainable products

While the world is speaking about climate change and waste management start an Instagram business by being a change.

Tip: Recycled paper products are in Vogue.


  1. Organic produce Biz

Markets today are flooded by products named organic while you can venture and meet customers by truly catering to organic goodies.

Tip: Source it from local sources.

There are thousands of ideas and hundreds of businesses that you were women can venture and rock so why do you wait to start exploring and be a dashing entrepreneur. Happy Women’s day 2021. 

Wishes from Akshara Ganesh & Sripada Studios

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